Dakh is a public organisation which works as the bridge between Ukrainian and Dutch people. We have provided many essential things and services which were needed at the beginning of the war.

Until the Dutch government was ready to help, we were finding housing for Ukrainian refugees, collecting and spreading food and clothing among of them.

 Currently we are concentrated on our main profile which is educational work and events for popularisation of Ukrainian culture in The Netherlands and helping to Ukrainians to adjust into the new cultural enviroment.

We plan a series of event across The Netherlands, formed Ukrainian pop choir and Ukrainian church choir, we have language classes for refugees and support Dutch people with information and workshops about mental difference and how to deal with it.

The big part of our work also takes the Instagram account for Ukrainian newcomers with brief explanation how everything works in The Netherlands and what to do in different life situations.

At our page "events" you can find our schedule of regular events and events organised in Dakh or by Dakh.