Dear friends, acquaintances. Friends of acquaintances.

Only the blind has not seen, and the deaf has not heard - apart from seeming one huge country, the invader - that we are facing a terrible tragedy, that our cities are burning, people are groaning, and the earth is turning red.

We, here in the Netherlands, are a real power. I’ve seen this 8 years ago, and I see it now.

We offer “Dakh” as a platform for unity and assistance to Ukraine.

We invite you all to join the fight for our land and peace there. Please invite your unindifferent friends, expats, and the Dutch.

We - Dakh are a bunch of volunteers from Ukraine who are living primary in The Netherlands and working and helping other people remotely and at the spot in Rotterdam.


What we will have here:

  • Announcements about public rallies
  • Temporary housing opportunities
  • Help with documents, language, acclimatization
  • Psychological help
  • Part-time work search
  • Replenish food supplies
  • Transporters (brave people, God bless them)
  • Schools
  • Other events related to the struggle


“Dakh” also has a physical location in Rotterdam.

Every Tuesday and Sunday you can come to drink coffee, talk, find information.

Address: Marinus van der Stoepstraat 24-26, 3061PE, Rotterdam