Every  Sunday from 14:00 till 20:00 and Tuesday from 10:00 till 18:00 by Marinus van der Stoepstraat 24-26 3061PE, Rotterdam, we are going to accept all kinds of humanitarian help for refugees and people in Ukraine. Then each week we will be posting at this page updates where everything has sent to.

We would be glad if you support this initiative as well.

What we need!

For refugees in NL

  • Diapers, wet napkins 
  • Talk, sudocreme
  • Women hygiene items
  • Bath/shower gels
  • Soap
  • Shampoo (different kids)
  • Towels


  • Baby/infant formulas all kinds of
  • Canned food or dried or any other food which is having a long life shell


  • Meds such first aid kits (better for cars, they contain foil blanket)

Also we have other trusted helpers who transfer aid to Ukraine here is the list

  • Stichting Oekraïners in Nederland


Kleinemeersterstraat 109,

9611 JC Sappemeer Doorpstraat 7, 2935 AA Ouderkerk


Landstraat 116, 3131 CE Vlaardingen


  • Stichting Holland Oekraine  

hdb@quicknet.nl +31622820261  Olga DekkerRijnlanderweg

1587, 2153 KH Nieuwe Vennep


  • Stichting De Oekraïnse gemeenschap in Nederland

info@oekraine-diaspora.nl +31(645)24 14 75

Angelina Kucheruk

Zwitsalterrein ingang Noord/ Vlijtseweg 132 ApeldoornWaalhaven Noordzijde 33,

3087 BH Rotterdam Julianastraat 94, Moerkapelle